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Other works (2006-2011)


What is Dairakudakan?


Dairakudakan is established in 1972 by Akaji Maro who is the founder.
Dairakudakan calls its style of performance “Temputenshiki”, this means that "being born in the world is a great talent itself". It has produced many pieces of work by collecting and building the gestures which were forgotten away in the past.


In 1982, it gave a performance in France and in the U.S. for the first time as a butoh dance company, the style of dance,”Butoh” has given a great impact to the overseas countries.  After this achievement, the word  “Butoh” has spread out all over the world.

On the other hand, Dairakudakan has been directing power also to the encouragement of the Butoh dancers and produced many types of dancers and dance companies for example Sankaijuku or Ko Murobushi.


At present also, in the Kochuten (Dairakudakan studio, it means " the haven in the vase".), the work of various teams by Dairakudakan dancers has performed positively. 

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