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in 2020 蒂摩爾藝術生活節 —國際演出:她的呼吸— 國際藝術家1+1演出

Dancer: Emiko Agatsuma, 蒙慈恩 (Tjimur Dance Theatre)

venue: Tjimur Dance Theatre, Taiwan

website: Tjimur Arts Festival

We first inhale when we are born and we exhale an the end when we die.
Breathing is strongly connected to life.
Where does life come from and where does it go to?
A fetus dreams a history of evolution inside of its mother. It doesn’t have any identity before its birth but lives.
After birth, we have our nationalities, names, cultures, and customs from outside. It is not our choice. We learn what is good manners and what is bad in society and then, sometimes feel stressed about what we should or should not do. It’s always a struggle of our consciousness.
Thinking about the body itself, what is it? Before our name, nationality, or ideas, each of us has a different body. It expresses a long history; who is your mother, who is your father, and who are your ancestors? Being born is a great talent in itself.
Now, ask your body, not your consciousness.
“Who am I?”

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