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Butoh Performance “Dancing SENTO”
10~12 November

"Dancing SENTO" is an innovative entertainment performance that combines the "Hokusai Manga" and Sumida's public bath culture with Butoh dance, furthermore it will be held at the old factory in downtown.
Skilled Butoh dancer Emiko Agatsuma will express various aspects of nature and life with her body, just as Hokusai did by painting. Expect live musical performances for "Dancing SENTO" by Shin-ya Ohno, and the original Gohsyu Ondo "Sumidagawa". Don't miss this special experience, the dancing "Hokusai Manga"!

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Butoh and “Hokusai Manga”, a fusion of the most representative Japanese arts!

Why SENTO (the public bathhouse)  is theme?

Japanese have a public bath culture to take a bath with strangers, but it's not common in their other countries and there is a sense of wonder why they don't feel embarrassed. In addition, Tokyo's public bathhouses have undergone their own aesthetic evolution, with wall bath paintings and miya-zukuri (宮造り) roofs, and the washing area is an interesting space where the tacit understanding of a community emerges. Sumida Ward is home to many unique public bathhouses, ranging from those with along history founded in the year of the Great Kanto Earthquake to modern buildings popular with young people, and are beloved by the locals. We decided on this theme because we thought we could convey the appeal of this unique culture to the world at large if we turned it into a Butoh performance.



Event Name    |Butoh Performance "Dancing SENTO”
Dates        |November 10(Fri) – 12(Sun) , 2023

10 (Fri) 19:00
11 (Sat) 15:00 / 19:00
12 (Sun) 15:00 / 19:00

Performace time | about 40 minites
Venue        |Hohjo Kohmuten Tonari (3-22-10 Higashi-Mukoujima, Sumida-ku)
Ticket        |

General Admission :  2,500 JPY

Supporter Ticket (with Original T-Shirt) :  5,000 JPY

Discounts(Please show ID at door)

Sumida Ward Residents :  2,000 JPY

Students :  1,500 JPY

Under 18 :  Free    

MAX           30 seats

Butoh        |Emiko Agatsuma
Music        |Shin-ya Ohno (KiMiMi)
Original Gohsyu Ondo "Sumidagawa" 
Singer        |Myojo Uchuken, Guitar|Prince=Ohji (MIX NUTS HOUSE)
Theatre design|Takayuki Tairyoubune

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Performers   |HOKUSAI MANGA BUTOH Workshop students

11/10 (Fri): Eiko Yoshida, Hideko Saikawa, Hitomi Umezawa, Sakino Sugimoto, Kasumi Fujiwara, Elena Herrmann
11/11 (Sat): Eiko Yoshida, Hideko Saikawa, Hitomi Umezawa, Sakino Sugimoto, Kasumi Fujiwara, Elena Hermann, Sakurako Shibata    
11/12 (Sun): Eiko Yoshida, Hideko Saikawa, Hitomi Umezawa, Sakino Sugimoto, Mari Miyazawa, Koki Tsuruoka, Kikuko Watanabe, Rani Kim, Andreane Hey, Sakurako Shibata

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Sponsor    |AGAXART, Sumi-Yume Executive Committee
Co-sponsor    |Sumida City



What is BUTOH?


Butoh was born in Japan in the 1960s. As the reaction against the imported modern dance, Butoh dancers focused on their body and mind influenced by rural culture. This attitude established a unique body philosophy and Butoh keeps attracting people all over the world.

What is "Hokusai Manga"?

It is an illustrated instruction book by the ukiyoe artist Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai's masterpiece "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji"(富嶽三十六景) is one of his most famous works, and his name is widely known throughout the world. Hokusai described his "Hokusai Manga" as a rambling depiction of things as they occur to him. It contains poeple's life, animals, nature, ghost, spirits etc. almost everything in the world. Unlike today's manga, Hokusai's works were drawn without continuity. The first edition was published in 1814 and continued to be published.

Last year’s Butoh Performance “HOKUSAI MANGA BUTOH”

Researched the town factory of Sumida and inspired by the "Hokusai Manga"


The Butoh dance depicts the working people of Edo as depicted in the Hokusai Manga, as well as the working of the artisans of Sumida today. A live performance of a folk instrument called "gaida" and the projection of machines of a factory on the entire wall surface created a fantastic stage. 
This video work was officially nominated for the 2023 Barcelona Dance Film Festival


Comments from audience

  • It was my first time seeing a Butoh performance. The performance was awesome and great mix of dance music and audio!

  • This was very moving and inspiring!!! I would love to see it one more time! 

  • I was drawn in by the high level of expression. The power was amazing.

What is AGAXART?

AGAXART is an art collective dedicated to enhancing people's creativity through exploration of the body, mind and soul. We organize and manage workshops, performances, and events. With the body manipulation techniques of Butoh as its main focus, AGAXART provides a place to face the inner world, which is difficult to express through language, and to discover diverse forms of expression. We actively engage in exchanges with different cultures and work to increase interest in local resources.
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Emiko Agatsuma


Emiko Agatsuma is a director, dancer and choreographer specializing in Butoh, a dance genre that emerged in Japan in the 1960s as a reaction to Western modern dance. She heads the AGAXART production company for Butoh dancers and artists in Japan. Emiko is a recipient of the prestigious Best Young Artist 2015 Award by the Japan Dance Critics Association and she represented Japan in 2020 at the 39th annual Battery Dance Festival in New York City, USA.

Other events of “Dancing SENTO”

"Dancing SENTO" work in progress open to the public

You can see the back stage of "Dancing SENTO". The process of creating a Butoh piece inspired by Sumida's public baths (Sento) and the “Hokusai Manga”, including art production and choreography rehearsals, will be open to the public free of charge.

Period     |13:00~18:00 on November 1 (Wed.) ~ 7 (Tue.), 2023
Venue     |Hohjo koumuten tonari  (3-22-10 Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

ONLINE Streaming Butoh performance “Dancing SENTO”

You can enjoy “Dancing SENTO” anytime, anywhere!
Date        |Nov 24 – Dec 24, 2023
Price        |550 JPY
Booking   |



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