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Temple Dance, This Dance

【WIP】"Temple Dance, This Dance"

When: February 14, at 9 pm (JST)
Where: YouTube Streaming

* There is a Buddhist speech in this performance. If you need the English translation, please turn on 【cc】(English subtitle) on the upper right side of YouTube screen.
* There is the script of Buddhist speech in the end of this page. 

●Concept Butoh × Techno × Buddhism

 Most people seem no to believe gods in Japan. Of course, they go to temples and pray but they don't believe. They are always busy to search information about earing money, becoming beautiful, healthy... and they eager to be safe. I agree that safety is important, but if the government use it to deprive the humanity?

 Recently our workstyle is shifted into remote work. After I finished the lively online meeting, I was alone in my room. A quiet room. I doubted if I talked anybody actually or not.

 The imagination for invisible things and popularism affect our mind constantly through the internet. Sometimes I feel I'm not alone, sometimes I feel no one understand me. In this world, there are full of information but we know nothing is certain. I know there is no door but I'm still keep wandering for seeking the truth.

 What is human, what is life?


At first, we planned live performance but it was cancelled due to the announcement of emergency. 
It is our first time to perform only on the online .


We used Zoom to discuss about this creation.

After finished the online meeting, I was alone in my room. I doubted if I met anybody actually or not.


The imagination for invisible things affects our mind both good and bad.
Sometimes I feel I'm not alone, sometimes I feel no one understand me.


In this world, there are full of information but we think nothing is certain.
I'm still keep wandering for seeking the truth...



Butoh: Emiko Agatsuma (Butoh AGA Theatre)

DJ: Masaomi Tomomitsu (Kohgen)

Guide: Tatsuo Yoshida (Vanryu-ji)

Please tell me what do you think after you watched it.

I would be appreciate if you support our performance.


Otera-Odori-Ocha is a performing arts group by Butoh dancers, a Japanese tea ceremony master and monks.
Our performance reconstructs Japanese traditional culture in a unique way and respects the global diversity.
We are waiting for you at our mysterious tea room...


TPAM info▶


Otodochannel YouTube▶

Special Thanks:
Tomoshi Shioya (Dairakudakan)
Soryu Matsumura (SHUHALLY)
Manabu Fujisawa

Photographer: Naoko Kumagai
Videographer: Ai Katoh

Production: Team Oteraodoriocha
Grant: Agency for Cultural Affairs

Organized by Agaxart

Buddhist speech

Buddhist speech


Human nature has enlightenment and the truth in the mind basically. It becomes hard to have them because of worldly desires and meaningless arguments. It is similar to the moon hidden by clouds.


Human nature that could be Buddha is still in the middle of the cycle between life and death. The truth becomes impossible to appear because of deep worries. It is similar to the lotus buried in the mud.


The people are crying loudly in the burning hell. They didn’t have opportunities to read books in their life time even if there are so many books in the world.

The other people are stuck in the frozen hell. They didn’t notice numerous blessings and leads from Buddha while they were alive.

The other people are starved for 15,000 years in the hell of starving ghosts.

The other people are killing each other in the hell of animal realm.


People were born in this world luckily, but they don’t hear Buddha. Furthermore, they don’t serve for Nirvana because they are seeking pleasure in this society even if there is an opportunity to be reborn in the heaven.


Now, we are able to hear Buddhism that tells the direction to get to the Pure Land of Happiness. Our life time is limited. If we don’t go along with this straight road that is separated from the world of worries, when do we arrive in the Pure Land of Happiness?


Our life is uncertain like a dream or illusion. We are very active and lively now but nobody knows when we die. Is it in the morning or in the evening? We are not sure. Worldly desires deprive our time and we are busy for keeping evil relationships. There are not many people notice this fact and serve Buddha.


It’s not only young people who die suddenly, and it’s not only elderly people who get serious diseases as well. Who can decide that today is not the day you die? How do you know you don't belong to the member who will die soon? The death doesn't wait for your ready. If you didn’t do anything good deeds, you will fall in the hell after body is gone.


For a long time, we have been in the world of worries like now. People in the future will wander in this world of worries as well.


So, you must seek the way to leave this world of worries now. Don’t get caught by false pleasure. Never keep wandering in this world of worries.



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