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Wed, Feb 07


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【ONLINE】Emiko Agatsuma Butoh Workshop / 我妻恵美子 舞踏ワークショップ 2024

ONLINE Butoh workshop. It is conducted in English and Japanese. 我妻恵美子によるオンラインの舞踏ワークショップです。日本語ですが、状況により英語を交えて行われます。初心者向けです。

【ONLINE】Emiko Agatsuma Butoh Workshop  / 我妻恵美子 舞踏ワークショップ   2024
【ONLINE】Emiko Agatsuma Butoh Workshop  / 我妻恵美子 舞踏ワークショップ   2024

Time & Location

Feb 07, 2024, 8:00 PM GMT+9 – Dec 31, 2024, 9:00 PM GMT+9

Google meet

About the event

*English Below

【オンライン】我妻恵美子 舞踏ワークショップ

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*Google meetで行われます。詳細はご予約確認のメールにてお伝えします。



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■ 料金 ■

1,500円 / 回


【ONLINE】Emiko Agatsuma Butoh Workshop

Booking ▶

“Find invisible dance in your body”

In this  workshop, I introduce the philosophy and background of Butoh by moving our body together. It focuses on your inside and explores the connection between your body and mind. This workshop is for beginners.

*For beginners

*These are independent classes and different contents.

*Via Google meet

*It is conducted in English and Japanese.

【Thanks! Private lesson is Full☆not accepting now】Private lesson is available. Please tell me what day is the best for you. (8,000 yen 4 times 4 hours)

▶Check the schedule HERE

■ Fee ■

1,500 yen / 1 class

Payment:Credit card or PayPal

*We'll let you know the link on the confirmation mail.

■ What is Butoh?

Butoh dance is a post-war avant-garde movement in Japan that emerged as a reaction against Western styles of dance. Unlike dances that focus on developing the body's movements, Butoh seeks beauty even in a debilitated body, emphasizing the connection between the body and the subconscious for a more profound exploration of the human condition through body dialogue. Butoh dancers imagine their bodies as empty bags, and convey a sense of introspection by accepting their inner selves and not only positive but also negative emotions. This unique approach to dance has established Butoh body philosophy and attracted attention globally.

<After this workshop...>

・You can learn how to move your body based on the Butoh basic training.

・You can learn the background of the Butoh movements and how to connect the mind and body by using imagination.

<How AGAXART teach?>

AGAXART instructs and explains with images delicately, and it helps your understanding.

Through the use of Butoh dance as a medium, AGAXART aims to bring awareness to elements that may have been forgotten or overlooked, and to look at an individual's inner life and experiences from a different perspective.

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<Why register?>

・You become relaxed and accept anything about you both consciously and unconsciously.

・This workshop helps you to brush up your sense of body, and it will boost your creativity.

・You can learn Asian physical methods that are different from Western ones.

・Even beginners can learn the Butoh basic training and enjoy it anywhere.

■About EMIKO

Emiko Agatsuma is an award-winning professional Butoh dancer based in Japan and has performed internationally. She has been teaching dancers and the public for more than 15 years as well. Her mission is to boost people's creativity. Representative of AGAXART.


Agaxart is the production team that produces innovative Butoh experiences and performances. AGAXART's mission is to explore the interaction among body, mind and soul, that is important to accept ourselves and respect others. We deliver the diversity of the physical expression that is connected to our unconsciousness.

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Organized by AGAXART

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