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舞 踏 茶 会 「 茶 盌 の 骨 」
Butoh Tea Ceremony "Bone of Tea Bowl"
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お茶席では津田友子の楽茶盌で薄茶を味わい、我妻恵美子と塩谷智司の舞踏では「骨」あるいは「影」をイメージした茶盌『Bones』が登場。 静謐な空間でお茶とお菓子をお召し上がりいただいた後、眼前で繰り広げられる舞踏に生と死、光と影を重ねて異世界をお楽しみください。 どうぞお見逃しなく!

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陶・津田 友子 展 「Bone Identity」 :


イベント名称 : 舞踏茶会 「茶盌の骨」
日程 : 10月28日(土)
14:30~ / 16:00~ / 17:30~
時間 : 約40分 (呈茶の時間含む)
会場 : 白白庵 一階 茶室(東京都港区南青山二丁目17-14)
料金 (税込): 2,500 円 (薄茶一服、お菓子付)
席数 :各回4席
舞踏 :我妻恵美子、塩谷智司
亭主 :石橋 圭吾(白白庵・主宰)
主催 :白白庵


TEL : 03-3402-3021  (11:00-19:00)
Mail :

Mail :

Collaboration of Tea Ceremony and Butoh Dance! 
To commemorate the exhibition of ceramic artist Tomoko Tsuda, a Butoh tea ceremony, the first of its kind, will be held in the tea room of the ceramic gallery Paku Paku An in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.
At the tea ceremony, guests will taste Matcha tea with Tomoko Tsuda's raku tea bowl, while "Bones," a tea bowl inspired by "bones" or "shadows," will be featured at the Butoh dance by Emiko Agatsuma and Tomoshi Shioya. After enjoying Japanese tea and sweets in a serene space, please enjoy the otherworldly experience of Butoh unfolding in front of your eyes, layering life and death, light and shadow. Please do not miss it!


Event Name :  Butoh tea ceremony "Tea bowl of Bone"
Date : October 28 (Saturday)
14:30~ / 16:00~ / 17:30~
Duration: approx. 40 minutes (including tea ceremony time)
Venue: Paku Paku An Tea Room, 1F (2-17-14 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Fee (tax included): 2,500 yen (including a cup of Matcha tea and Japanese sweets)
Max: 4 people each
Butoh dance: Emiko Agatsuma, Tomshi Shioya
Host: Keigo Ishibashi (Paku Paku An)
Organized by PAKU PAKU AN


TEL : 03-3402-3021 (11:00-19:00)
Mail :

AGAXART Emiko Agatsuma
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